• Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Günter Neubauer - Institut f. Gesundheitsökonomik (health economics) former member on the expert advisory board of the federal government/www.ifg-muenchen.com
  • Thomas Habermann, County Commissioner Rhön-Grabfeld, Chairman of the Board of Kreisklinik, where I was Chief Executive Officer 
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Deeg, Owner Deegenbergklinik Bad Kissingen, 2nd Mayor oft he city of Bad Kissingen
  • Helmut Hildebrandt, Hildebrandt Health Consult, HH + OptiMedis
    In charge of financial restructuring of the Elbe-Jeetzel-Klinik Dannenberg
    Development of new business areas 
  • Thomas Kräh, Regional CEO Südost-Bayern of ASKLEPIOS KLINIKEN – private hospital-chain
    • Enlargement/doubling of the ward for psychosomatic medicine at KKH Simbach am Inn 
    • Setup of a new ward for diabetology at KKH Simbach 
    • Project "Psycho cardiology" at the private clinic "St. Wolfgang" in Bad Griesbach 
  • Dr. Gerhard M. Sontheimer, Chairman of the Board of Gesundheit Nordhessen Holding AG in Kassel (amongst others KLINIKUM KASSEL) 
    • Staff position in business communication 
    • Birgit Dilchert, chief human resources officer of Gesundheit Nordhessen Holding AG/ 
      • Setup and restructuring of the staff position business communication for altogether 6 hospitals of the holding 
      • Conception and implementation of a holding-wide idea management 
      • Concept and development of a holding-wide complaint management 


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