Hospitals are the points of our human life: little people come to this world there and others leave it. In between is the entire spectrum of human life, worrying and hoping. It all comes down to the essential, the basics. Under this aspect every task in a hospital is to be viewed and organized just like in nursing homes and kindergartens. This presents no contradiction to efficiency and economical success but is the basis of it!

Our complex health and social service with 3.500 hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in Germany, nursing homes, nursing services and kindergartens as well as a hundreds of thousands of medical practices undergo a dramatic variation due to demographic and social changes. Former strategy structures are superseded. In this situation you need skilled navigators who know the dangerous cliffs and who are able to sail round them. Navigators who not only suggest a new course but also possess the strength and vision to chose a new path and implement it. 

Such action demands clarity, complex thinking, concentration on the goal   and expert competence in equal measure.

I will support you with my experience and view from the outside – humanly and with professional competence.

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